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Kirsten Ballard Kirsten Ballard
Owner/Operator of ARCTOS

During her employment with the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), Ms. Ballard was primarily responsible for the review of oil exploration, production facility and vessel Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plans (C-Plans). While at ADEC, she also participated in the development of the regulations governing C-Plans, Plan reviews, and spill drill exercise guidelines. As an American Petroleum Institute (API) Certified 653 tank and 570 piping inspector, she also provided technical advice on all aspects of the aboveground storage tank program.

"ARCTOS is a unique company that is designed from the bottom-up to solve our clients' environmental regulatory compliance challenges while reducing their operational costs.  In dos so we have broken the business model paradigm."

Jeanette Moser

Jeanette has 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry, including 11 years in the environmental arena and 14 years in a field laboratory. She interfaces among clients to create plans and processes that are custom fit to their timeline, scope, and budget. Her experience supports the team in environmental compliance, spill response organization and management, safety management, process safety management, drafting, design, and document management. She provides ARCTOS with the creation, audit and review of HSE programs, and relevant training programs.

Greg LeBeau

Greg brings 14 years of experience as a vessel agent in Alaska, having handled all types of vessels calling Alaska including cruise ships, dry bulkers, tankers, research vessels and drill ships. He also has over 12 years of experience with Incident Command Systems (ICS) and has worked with federal and state incident command representatives in both training exercises and real incidents ranging from vessel casualties on the high seas to oil spills in the mountains. He provides ARCTOS with a broad range of services, from technical consulting to ICS training and certification, and is a trained member of the ARCTOS response team.

Sharron Johnson

Sharron is the Documentation Control Manager for the team who ensures all documents are processed professionally. She is the point of contact for all documents produced by ARCTOS. Her background in word processing and document management provides the team with the necessary services to prepare, distribute and meet the requirements for our clients professional document needs.

Gail Morrison

Gail is the owner and president of Allied GIS, Inc., which provides GIS services to an extensive list of corporate and government clients.  Gail is also a trained member of the ARCTOS response team.

Christina Hendrickson

Well-versed in statutes and regulations, Christina provides legal and sufficiency reviews of all documents and aids clients in strategically planning key aspects of their permitting program. She communicates among clients, subject matter experts, and subcontractors to balance changing schedules and balance project budgets. Seen at industry events and known among law makers and their staff and leaders within non-governmental organizations, Christina stays current in media, perception of current events, and political processes that influence permitting guidelines and timelines. Further, from the Arctic to Cook Inlet, Christina organizes and hosts public meetings and workshops for stakeholder engagement. This adds value to clients whose documents will undergo a public review process and need assistance in responding to public comments.

Randy Pysher

Randy is ARCTOS’ Business Manager, and handles all contract management and human resources needs.

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