Why ARCTOS should be part of your team


Kirsten Ballard

Kirsten Ballard serves as the Project Manager of NORTECHís ARCTOS division and has worked in the environmental field since 1988, and as both a private consultant and a regulator. Kirstenís experience gives her and her clients a unique advantage when it comes to regulatory compliance. Prior to joining NORTECH, Kirsten was responsible for all aspects of operating ARCTOS for 11 years.

Ms. Ballard specializes in Spill Prevention and Response Planning, Compliance Audits and Inspections, Contingency Plan Development, Amendments & Renewals, Authorized Tank and Piping Inspection Services, and HSE Program Management. She has extensive experience with preparing Facility Response Plans, SPCC Plans. Kirsten has conducted many tank inspections, and is an American Petroleum Institute (API) Authorized Inspector and a Certified Welding Inspector.

Our History

Arctic Regulatory Compliance & Technical Oilfield Services, (ARCTOS) was founded in 2006. While working at ADEC for 18 years, Kirsten Ballard (founder of ARCTOS) realized that regulatory compliance was becoming highly complex. It can be difficult for oil, gas, and vessel operators to remain informed and responsive to the changing requirements in Alaska.

In 2018, ARCTOS joined the NORTECH family. Ms. Ballard and ARCTOS will expand NORTECH's existing state-wide environmental engineering and HSE consulting services with Kirstenís expertise in bulk petroleum storage tank management, contingency planning, and incident management. This also allows us to offer the clients who know and trust ARCTOS all the services that NORTECH offers from each of its locations. To learn more about NORTECH, its locations across the state, and the additional services we can offer, please visit www.nortechengr.com.